Wedding and VIP tents

Wedding tents

Wedding tents are ideal solution for idyllic and solemn wedding outdoors in all seasons.

We can clothe the inside of a tent with VIP ceiling and side curtains in white colour, which create the ambience of a snow white hall and it is also complemented by chandeliers.The basic substrata can be covered with wooden floor and floor covering in the colour desired. The charm is added by banqueting tables covered with beautiful tablecloths and chairs with VIP coatings and a solemn wedding guest table.

We also take care of the scaffolds different heights, depends on the number of musicians. We take care of the dancefloor, where you could dance your first dance. Of course you can combine the other components from our store as well. Besides a tent for parties we can also arrange a place for civil marriage.

Smaller pagodas or pavilions will insure you the roof for the ceremony to take place outdoors and in every weather. In that case we assure you a table with tablecloth and chairs with VIP covering, floor covering carpet and many more, according to your desire.

VIP tents

VIP tents are designed for organization of VIP events like company anniversaries, open door days, meetings, catering… Nice white tents perfectly fit in any location chosen, in the nature or on the parking place in front of your company.

We equip your tent with some extra equipment like ceiling and side curtains, catering equipment, wooden floor, floor covering, decoration from felt… Your quests will feel fantastic, the event will stay in their memory for a long time.

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