Protective tents

Protective walls/ railings

Compact and easy screen protective railing is suitable for protection of a place of an accident for firefighters, rescuers, who protect themselves from inquisitive people and go on with their work undisturbedly. By the help of flexible articulated joints of the four wall elements made of transient, washable polyester fabric VarioScreen, it is possible to set up the wall in accordance with every situation. Protective wall is folding, the height of the stretched wall is app.180cm.

Protective tents

Standard implementation of the assembly tents Trotec optimum corresponds to the number of scopes. As not every user needs all the available components for his needs, we willfully haven't reduced the economy of tents at standard implementation including some extra special components.

For optimization of tent equipment for your personal sphere of use, we offer a various detail solutions, according to your wishes.

For all the models it is possible to build in the window modules on one, or on both side walls.

Variable entries into a tent
Besides the standard tent door with the central zip, there are also the tent models 5S with double zip available. Thus you can open the tent almost over the whole width, coiled up part of a door serves at the same time as a protection from the weather influences. This implementation is specially suitable for doing the work by the big walls. Because of the minimal weight, the user can fix the tent on the wall from the inside and works in protected area.

Apertures for regulization the climatization
Specially at welding in the inside of tent, there is necessary to regulate the climatization optimum. Therefore we offer to build in one or more apertures for ventilation and venting, flue connectors or cable tunnels.

Individual signs
Assembly tents are perfect for promotional purposes of your company. For all models we offer different options of direct individual signs or flags with captions.

Coupling modules
To lengthen a tent there are some extra modular kits of components available. In case of bigger working surfaces we can mutual stable connect more tents with an overlay unit.

Accessories and other non-standard implementations:

  • Bearing pocket with zipper
  • Reflective tape in grey colour 5 cm
  • When you buy minimum 25 tents, there are tapes against dirt available, in grey and blue colour
  • Pipe connector for heating/ventilation (ø 400 mm) Wedge and rope set
  • Spoke for ventilation with grate/ cloth
  • Repair set

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