Pagodas and pavilions

Pagodas and pavilios

With its extravagant shape and topmost composition they are directing all their views to your product or service. They are suitable as a tent supplement like a wedding refreshment, press conferences and of course for self use at different entertainments in your organization.

They are distinguished for their optical and technical top quality – rounded alu profiles 50 mm. Assembly and disassembly are fast and simple. They are ideal also for head covering of different catering and hotel terraces or exhibition places at fairs. Sides, which could also be transparent, made of transarent foil, can be opened and closed according to the weather.

Two storeyed pagoda, pavilion

We are introducing a novelty in our offer, which would satisfy even the most pretentious customers and conjure up the glamorous look of your event or entertainment. Two storeyed pagoda or pavilion is suitable for different VIP events, parties, catering of business partners…

At our disposal we have a pagoda with green sides, pavilion is in white colour. The entrance to the first floor is possible at the outside stairs. The floor is wooden in both floors. It can be covered with floor covering. In this complex also interior and side curtains can be offered, catering equipment and some more. So you would offer your customers, business partners and quests a beautiful view around your tent. The upper floor can be used as a terrace.

Fast constructed pavilions

In case you are looking for a simple and quick solution to cover a smaller place, there are also light and fast constructed pavilions in stock. They are available in different colours. The construction is made of aluminium, the sides are made of PVC material that weighs 450g/m2.

They are suitable for home parties, info spots, promotion events, selling stalls,… Pavilions can be hired or bought. We also offer you service or tent repair.

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