Store halls and tents

Building of stone buildings is a huge logistic and financial project and it takes a lot of time.

If you face a lack of store places, the company Petre d.o.o. offers you a few possible set up of assembley store tents and halls, which may be leased or bought.

Regarding the roof, you can choose between four tipes of store tents and halls:

  • PES material coated with PVC (650 g / m2), which is heavily inflammable according to DIN 4102 B1standard
  • Corrugated iron
  • Combination of PVC and sheet metal
  • Thermo isolated sandwich elements

Constructions are made of anodized aluminum with snow burden up to 125kg/m2 and wind load 0,5Kn/m2 or hot galvanized steel with burden up to 150kg/m2.

They are supported by steel wedges or point basis.
Tents – halls comply with an order of a temporary building construction and have all the necessary documentation to gain the building permit PGD-PZI.

NOVELTY for all horse owners and horse lovers:
RIDING GROUNDS and LODGE TENTS in diameter 15m and 20m with snow burden.


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