Event and fair tents

Event tents

Event tents are convenient for concerts, parties, openings, meetings, picnics, banquets and special events. We stock 30.000 m2 of event components. Quality tents and quick assembly have contributed to success and satisfied customers. Due to flexible dimensions our tents are suitable for smaller and larger number of people and they perfectly fit in any environment.

For nicer appearance we also place next to tents small pagodas for catering, entrance or smoking place. Tents are on request equipped with wooden floors, floor coverings of different colours, stage, bars, catering equipment and much more. Also a combination of tents is possible, they are connected to each other with furrows. According to the weather we can offer you a chance of heating or cooling a tent as well.

The construction consists of aluminium profiles of different dimensions. All the iron parts are galvanized. The roof and the sides are in white colour from PES material, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is heavily inflammable according to DIN 4102-B1standards. All the tents are A-tested and are made according to standards of temporal buildings EN 13782.

In short, you don't have to worry about the tents – rain and strong sun are no problem at all.

Fair tents

Fair tents offer you roof and protection of your exhibition and best conform to your exhibition place. For all the tents we offer an extra fair equipment like wooden floor, floor covering, info countertops, tables, chairs, shelving… for your exhibition place to look perfect.

Our service is present at all Slovenian fairgrounds:

  • Fair in Pomurje
  • Fair in Celje
  • Fair in Komenda
  • Fair in Primorska
  • Exhibition and Convention Centre

and the other areas used for fair set up.

If you have already registered to a fair and you already have a reserved place, we will make you a tent offer, the nearest to your exhibition place.

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