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Where to find us?


In the Petre Company we tailor canvas for all kinds of vehicles, work machines, cars and caravans, tents, storehouses, curtains etc..


We make waxcloths or tilts mostly of material from Satler Graz producer. There is a wide colour palette available which enables us to satisfy our customers. The canvas differs from each other by weight per m2:

  • The lightest material weighs 500g/m2 and is mostly used for lighter things – smaller sheets of paper, different coverings, boat coverings.
  • Material that weighs 630g is used for jutting roofs, gym and protective cushions, protective curtains, bigger coverings, smoking places.
  • Material that weighs 670g is used for clasic tilt making (waxcloth) for lorries.
  • Material for tilts (waxcloth) on the curtain with gun slides and tenter-hooks (constructed by tautliner) weighs 900g.
  • For tent making we use uninflammable material, that is (on customer's request) composed of polyglass (windows in tents) of different thicknesses 0,4-0,75 mm.

Besides that we take care of a whole spectrum of tapestry service such as carseats (cars, buses, lorries, motorbikes and motorcycles, working machines) and the rest of the covering; chairs, sofas, armchairs, catering equipment…
We also take care of the rugs to cover the silos and other agricultural products, boat and yacht covering, swimming pools, garden sheds. We make roofing for restaurants, garages and other needs.