Decorative and catering equipment

Besides exeptional quality tents we also offer an interior decoration and some extra equipment for different events. You can get a tent and all the additional equipment in one place, which helps to organize your entertainment easily.

We equip your tent (if you desire) with WOODEN FLOOR, DANCE FLOOR and FLOOR COVERING, where you can choose your own colour.

There are different tables available (bar tables, info counters,…) and chairs (stools, wooden, metal, cushioned…), catering sets,…which can not be missing at any event.

Tents for special occasions like weddings, VIP meetings, openings, can be equiped (if desired) with CEILING and WALL CURTAINS, BANQUET TABLES WITH CLOTHS and CHAIRS with VIP COVERINGS, which will make a whole thing even more glamorous.

There are also WOODEN FOLDING STALLS, BAR COUNTERS and BARS available.

We also take care of HEATING and COOLING in a tent.

Carpet color chart:

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